Permeable Floor

The Ekko Plus line has excellent permeability, from 4 to 8 mm/s. Its application allows the best relation between permeable area/total land area, not only in corporate projects, but also in public and residential projects. It can be used for the construction of different types of drainage systems, such as: total infiltration, partial infiltration and abstraction of water for reuse.

Easy maintenance
External Environment
High durability
High strength
Permeable product
Respect for the Environment

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Technical information

Code Description L C E Weight Unit
1612003660 Painel Ekko Plus Fresado 60x60x5,6 60 60 5,6 111
1622003660 Painel Ekko Plus Natural 60x60x6 60 60 6 118
1612001060 Painel Ekko Plus Fresado 40x40x5,6 40 40 5,6 118
1622001060 Painel Ekko Plus Natural 40x40x6 40 40 6 111
1642001060 Painel Ekko Plus Geométrico 40x40x6 Natural 40 40 6 127,5
1652001060 Painel Ekko Plus Ipanema 40x40x6 Natural 40 40 6 127,5

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