The beauty of vernacular architecture

Vernacular architecture is one of the oldest architectural languages of humanity and a source of inspiration for the beautiful creations of Castelatto. This language prioritizes traditional construction techniques and the use of materials from the construction site itself, as in the case of our product Adobe. Originally, adobe was produced by hand, using raw earth, straw and natural fibers, following a process that involves shaping each piece and leaving it in the sun to dry. Castelatto revisited this technique and combined the beauty of Adobe with the practicality and resistance of our concrete. The result is a unique covering, with a rusticity that awake the curiosity of our eyes and touch.

External Environment
Internal Environment

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Technical information

Code Description L C E Weight Unit
2193301225 Painel Adobe 7,5x30x2,5 7,5 30 2,5 51,5
2193301325 Painel Adobe 15x45x2,5 15 45 2,5 51,5

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