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What is the purpose of the joint?

It is a device created to absorb the volumetric variation of the materials. Its purpose is to prevent the appearance of cracks on the product.

What is sealing joint?

It is the space left between the pieces, whether they are grouted or not, according to each model.
It is extremely important because it works as a kind of cushion to prevent the floor from cracking with the expansion of the slabs.
The width of this system must be thought according to the size of the piece to be used, varying between 2 and 8 mm.

What is movement?

Movement joints are devices designed to absorb variation caused by adverse weather effects such as abrupt thermal variations or effects of soil accommodation, as well as vibrations or movements caused by local impacts. It is important to emphasize that these are issues vary according to each structure and its environment.
This joint is required, in accordance with the guidelines of NBR ABNT 13753 and NBR ABNT 13744, for external arranged areas with incidence of insolation or humidity, whenever the area is greater than 20 m² or bigger than 4 meters, and for Internal areas greater than 32 m² or bigger than 8 m.

What is dessolidarization joint?

They are regular spaces whose function is to create an escape area for the dilation of floors and coatings. These are the encounters between the coating and its ends, as well as walls, floors and slabs.
Floors and coatings may not be fully supported at their ends. These joints must be designed so that, in dilating, receive vibrations or accommodations, there will occur no problems.

Which grout is recommended?

Castelatto has a line of grouts that are designed for better joining and efficiency with your product. This grout is formulated based on polymers and its strength and shades are designed to the best finish of your floor or coating.
The product is available for purchase at all registered resellers of Castelatto.

Can I seat my coatings with minimum joint?

Castelatto coatings that do not have a grouting application can be sealed with a minimum joint where the joints are as close as possible..

It there any right way to apply Castelatto grout?

Castelatto has on the back of the packing of the grout all the information needed for the correct application of the product.

What is the purpose of the grout?

Castelatto’s grouts go beyond an aesthetic view, they act as cushion (shock absorbers) between the pieces, because their polymers are flexible and compensate for the structural movements.

Can I use another grout brand?

The Castelatto grout is formulated in the same tone and its characteristics are appropriate for the type of product purchased, so we do not recommend other brands.

My grout cracked, is it normal?

Every time the product undergoes large movements or accommodation, this is reflected in the grout, which cracks to prevent the coating/floor from being damaged.

My grout is releasing from the part, what is happenig?

If the grout is loosening it is likely that a very intense movement is occurring, which may be related to settlement issues.
We recommend evaluating if your part is well-seated/well-laid with a simple percussion test, banging on the piece with broom handle (if you identify “hollow” sound this may be contributing to this detachment).

Why should I use tape in the application of the grout and how long can it stay after the grouting?

The tape is of extreme importance for application of the grout, since it protects the product from any stains. Therefore, we recommend that the tape be removed immediately after application of the grout, preventing the adhesive from adhering to the coating / floor.

Residue of glue from the tape satayed on the product. How can I remove it?

We recommend the use of a solvent (Thinner) for the removal of residues.