Seating - Castelatto


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What items should be observed before starting the seating??

The first step for the success on laying/sitting your material is planning the procedures that will be carried out having in hands the Technique Instructions Manual, pagination/layout of the project and measurement check of the place to be installed.

Can I lay Castelatto´s products in drywall?

Yes, but we suggest checking the structure where it will be applied, observing the weight of the coating.

Can I lay Castelatto´s products in wood or MDF?

For this type of application and better adherence of the cement, we recommend the fixing of fibercement sheet over the wood or the MDF.

Can i lay Castelatto´s products on painted wall, with texture or plaster?

Yes. For this type of application, the wall must be “pecked/perforated”.

How should the setting place be prepared?

One of the points that needs attention is the moment of verification of the waterproofing, both the plaster (emboço) and the subfloor (contrapiso) where the material will be applied.
Do not forget to evaluate the water fall.
For exterior walls, think of drips and rafters above the flooring.
Make sure that the subfloor/plaster is, at least, 21 days of cure and free of any dirt and dust.

Can I use a heated system in Castelatto?

Yes. Just follow the instructions provided by your system vendor.

Does Castelatto indicates workers to perform the seating of the products?

Castelatto does not indicate professionals, but we carry out training courses with Senai for improvement and qualification. We recommend that the contracted professional have experience in laying concrete coatings.

What is the purpose of waterproofing the plaster and subfloor?

This procedure is intended to prevent the spread of moisture to the floor or coating.

What mortar should I use to sit Castelatto´s products?

Flexible stick mortars, specified for large formats.

Which standards can be consulted for the seating of floors and coatings?

We formulated our Technical Instruction Manuals based on the laying/sitting guidelines from NBR ABNT 13753 and 13754.

The waterproofer that I receive with the products must be applied at what time?

It should be applied on the surface after laying/sitting with the coating / floor clean and dry.