Storage - Castelatto


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How should Castelatto´s products be properly stored?

The products should be stored in a clean, covered area and the floor should be covered with plastic. Products should be stored in a dry, clean and airy place.
The storage location should be weather-free, and the floor should be covered with plastic.
We recommend choosing an environment where there are no future movements of the material.

What is the correct position for storage the parts?

Parts must be stored vertically..

Can I remove packaging?

Castelatto’s coatings are packed in thermosetting plastics, which helps the product to keep moisture, making the piece more resistant.
The material should only be unpacked at the time of the sitting/laying.
We do not advise you to remove the packaging before this stage.

My piece came in with a darkest tone. Is it normal?

It is common that at the time of receipt the product is still moist. This feature directly affects the tone of the part, making it darker.
Leave the piece in an airy place for about 48 hours to determine the final tone of the piece.

Where should the material be stored?

The product should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place.
This space must have a weather-free cover.
Choose a location where there are no future movements of the material.

Should i cover it with plastic?

It is advisable that the parts are covered and protected from possible dirt or residues that the work may generate.

What materials can not be used to cover my Castelatto?

Under no circumstances use cardboard, wood or products that have color tones that stains or liberate residues on the part.